General Information for the Photo Pictorialist of Milwaukee Year-End Competition

The Photo Pictorialists of Milwaukee

Annual Awards for Photos by Members

Photo of the Year and three honorable mentions will be awarded in each category.

An award is also made in each category for Proficiency. This is based on the total scores for the maker’s group of photos in that category.

The awards are presented at the Annual Awards Banquet. Winners are listed in the club bulletin, The Pictorialist.

Conditions of Entry

Members may enter up to 6 images in each category. An image may be entered only once; it cannot be entered in one category and then in another. No image that won in our previous Year-End Competition is eligible to be entered again. These are the categories:

– Print color

– Print photojournalism

– Print monochrome

– Digital color

– Digital photojournalism

– Digital monochrome

– Digital nature

Prints must be mounted on mat board no larger than 16 x 20, with no writing on the front of the mat or image. On the back, include:

— #1-6 (entry number in that category)

— Photographer

— Title of photo

— Category code: for Print Color, use P-C; Print Photojournalism, P-PJ; Print Monochrome, P-M

An arrow on the back should point to the top of the image.

All prints, digitals and entry forms (score cards) must be turned in at the April meeting or emailed to Sandra prior to the meeting. No exceptions.

When completing the entry form (score card), the bottom section should be an exact duplicate of the top section. Leave ID Letter and View # blank on the form. Entry forms must also be filled out for digital entries.

Nature category: Digital only. No hand of man in the image. Wild animals, not domesticated. Cultivated flowers are allowed, in addition to wildflowers. The subject should be presented in its natural environment and should not be moved to a studio location. Images captured in greenhouses and botanical gardens are allowed, but no hand of man should be visibly present.

The storytelling value of an image should be weighed more than the pictorial quality. Descriptive titles are recommended for nature images. The images may depict observations from all branches of natural history.

Manipulations that alter the truths of the photographic statement are ineligible.

Photojournalism category: consists of storytelling images such as are seen in the news media and periodicals. May include documentary, contemporary life, illustrative, sports news, and human interest. Special emphasis should be given to life in our world.

Labeling Digital Files for the End of the Year Competition

Digital images should be sized: Horizontal (1920 maximum width by 1200 or whatever height) and Vertical (1200 maximum height by whatever width).

Your digital files for the competition should be emailed to Sandra prior to the April meeting or brought (early) to the April meeting on a flash drive labeled with your name. You must also fill out an entry form for your digital images in each category, as you do for print images.

As you edit the file name of your photos, please follow the labeling conventions demonstrated below:

  • 1 DN Goldfinch Sandra Weber.jpg    2 DN Robin Sandra Weber. jpg etc.
  • 1 DC Clouds Sandra Weber.jpg          2 DC Farms Sandra Weber.jpg etc.
  • 1 PJ Rowing Sandra Weber.jpg          2 PJ Bike Race Sandra Weber.jpg etc.
  • 1 DM Trees Sandra Weber.jpg            2 DM Skyline Sandra Weber.jpg etc.

               – Digital nature   DN                               – Digital color    DC

– Digital photojournalism   PJ            – Digital monochrome   DM

Please, do not add periods, commas or quotes into the file name (except for the required period in front of jpeg).   Any questions, please email Sandra at

Lastly: when your emailed photos are received, a reply will be sent stating that the photos were received and successfully downloaded. If you do not receive a confirmation of receipt, in several days, something is wrong and you should send a follow-up email to Sandra.


Certain awards have been named to honor the accomplishments of past members:

Langlade Award for print monochrome proficiency has been awarded since the very early days of the club to honor Benjamin Franklin Langlade, a charter member whose outstanding contributions firmly established The Photo Pictorialists of Milwaukee.

Casper Award for digital color proficiency honors Edwin Casper, a charter member (1903) and the first elected Life Member of the club.

Pagel Award for digital nature proficiency honors Victor Pagel, APSA, for the long years of service to the club and for the excellence of his photography.

Laatsch Award for print monochrome photo of the year honors Ted Laatsch, APSA, for his service and the excellence of his photography, particularly his pictorial prints and stereo slides.

Grote Award for digital nature photo of the year honors Fred Grote for the excellence of his photography, particularly nature slides of wildflowers.

Farber Award for print photojournalism honors Edward Farber, photojournalist, inventor of the portable electronic flash, and 40-year member of the Pictorialists.