The Wisconsin Area Camera Clubs organization (WACCO) is composed of Wisconsin camera clubs who have paid club membership dues.  There may be clubs which have not paid membership dues, so their members are not entitled to some of the privileges of full membership.

WACCO sponsors photo seminars about two times  a year, and those who belong to a membership club may attend for a reduced amount.

Additionally, WACCO sponsors competitions twice a year.  You must be a member of a WACCO affiliated club to enter.  Many members from Photo Pictorialists of Milwaukee enter these competitions.


The Photographic Society of America (PSA) is an international association or organizations and individuals. Photographers from around the world join and participate in a variety of PSA activities. PPM has a club membership in PSA, and some PPM members have individual memberships.

The PSA Journal is published monthly. A copy of the PSA journal is brought to our club’s meetings.

The PSA Journal contains news articles, reviews of photo hardware, software, and books.  Since members of PSA are for the most part either serious amateurs or professional photographers, the articles reflect that, but there is also an article “Just for Beginners.”

PSA has annual conferences in different and interesting parts of the country, with accomplished presenters and great photo opportunities.

Individual PSA membership has advantages.  You can join a study group whose members critique each other’s photos.  Another benefit is that you become a member of the PSA Wisconsin Chapter.  The Wisconsin Chapter has meetings four times a year, one of which is a photo outing.